Our designs

Aegean Blue

Dive into coastal vibes with Aegean Blue - a vinyl skin featuring a captivating design of mountains and wave shapes in soothing blue hues. It's like your gear just took a casual stroll along the Aegean shore.

Amethyst Summit

Introducing Amethyst Summit – a vibrant vinyl skin featuring charming pink mountains on a rich purple backdrop. Elevate your gear's style game! Perfect for all photographers but mainly for those who find joy in the beauty of nature and hiking.

Crescent Bauhaus

Transform your camera into a work of art with Crescent Bauhaus – a lively vinyl skin boasting red, yellow, and blue geometric shapes. Elevate your photography gear, merging the vintage abstract design and durable protection.

Mind Meltdown

Wrap your camera in a burst of spontaneous color chaos with Mind Meltdown – the vinyl skin that looks like a playful paint party in purple, yellow, blue, and green. It's a bit crazy, a lot fun, and the perfect way to express your laid-back photography vibes.

Pawsome Pals

Say woof to style with Pawsome Pals - a black and white masterpiece that's a dog lover's dream. It might look abstract from afar, but up close, it's a parade of the cutest hand-drawn pups, that make every shot a paw-ty.


Dress to impress with Plaid - This red and black plaid camera skin adds a touch of cozy charm to your gear, making it the flannel shirt of the photography world. Picture the warmth of a cabin in the woods, the scent of pine in the air, and the essence of true lumberjack spirit.

Red Bush Viper

Spice up your camera with Red Bush Viper. A skin that channels the captivating colors of this exotic snake - from sultry purples to sunlit yellows. It's like giving your gear a tropical vacation without leaving the comfort of your lens. Turn your gear into the coolest serpent in the photography jungle.

Sunset Peaks

Embrace the beauty of dusk with Sunset Peaks – a camera skin that paints your gear in the colors of mountain silhouettes at sunset. Dark and light blues, mixed with warm yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds, make your gear stand out as a vivid expression of nature's beauty.

Tactical Kiwi

Camouflage your camera with Tactical Kiwi - a vinyl skin that blends seamlessly with its surroundings through a digital camo of dark green to light green and beige. Turn on your photography stealth mode, ensuring your equipment not only looks cool but also stays incognito in the jungle of creativity.

Tessellation Groove

Meet Tessellation Groove – we bet your camera deserves a groovy makeover. It's like an explosion of tiny shapes in a kaleidoscope of colors. Because we like turning every shot into a visual symphony of hues and patterns.


Say hello to Psychedelic – an innovative vinyl camera skin by 3M that's like a secret party under the sun. In the shade, it's a sleek, sparkly gray, but in the sunlight, it turns to a mesmerizing rainbow spectrum under varying angles of light. Watch your camera come to life!

Volcanic Flare

Unleash the flair with Volcanic Flare – an original 3M vinyl camera skin that sets your gear ablaze with a captivating spectrum of colors, from copper and orange to golden, purple, and occasional hints of green. Let your gear catch those volcanic vibes in every shot.

Shadow Black

If you want to give your camera that stealthy look, dress it in Shadow Black – an original textured 3M vinyl. This design cloaks your gear in a sleek camouflage design, seamlessly transitioning from deep black to dark shades of gray. Furthermore, its pattern gives you an excellent grip too.


An original textured 3M vinyl Titanium Brush - a camera skin that envelopes your gear in the sophisticated allure of brushed titanium. The silver hue and distinctive texture not only elevate your camera's style but also provide a sleek and modern touch.